Hard Time Focusing While You Work from Home? Here Are 5 Tips to Change That

Kaitlin Vogel
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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the question of how to stay focused while working from home is on most of our minds.

There’s no denying working remotely has its perks: sleeping in, wearing comfy clothes all day, and surprise snuggles from our pets.

However, while working from home is a dream in many ways, it can be a nightmare when it comes to productivity. There are many unwelcome distractions that will lower your efficiency.

The main one is your phone. Of course, it’s tempting to check your Instagram, and respond to Snapchats from your friends and family, but all of that can wait until your lunch break or after work hours.

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Kaitlin Vogel

Kaitlin has worked as a professional writer and editor in New York City for over seven years. Beyond her professional experience in journalism and psychology, it is her keen interest in personal development that has driven every one of her career decisions thus far. She's committed to creating content that matters.


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